Talks, Podcasts & Inquiries.


If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it - Richard Feynmann

I believe I possess the skill of digesting complex subjects and delivering them in simple terms for technical and non-technical audiences.

If you organize an event that you’d like me to attend (and are able to cover travel & stay) I’d happily contribute to it. Get in touch.

Past Talks:

Plasma Cash: Towards improved Plasma Constructions

  1. Stanford Blockchain Conference - Palo Alto, California
  2. MIT Bitcoin Expo - Boston, Massachussets (features ideas for Plasma on Bitcoin)
  3. Ethereum Devcon4 - Prague, Czech Republic
  4. ETHDenver - Denver, Colorado
  5. EthCC - Paris, France (features Plasma Cashflow explanation)
  6. Blockchain Game Summit - Lyon, France
  7. Labs meetup - Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Everything You wanted to know about Plasma but were afraid to ask, Ethereal Summit - New York City, New York
  2. Scaling Blockchains, Techstars NYC - New York City, New York
  3. Delegated Proof of Stake Sidechains, DeFi NYC - New York City, New York

Workshops, Panels and Podcasts:

  1. The Future of Layer 2, Paralelni Polis - Prague, Czech Republic
  2. Plasma Researchers’ panel, Devcon4 - Prague, Czech Republic
  3. Working with Layer2 panel, ETHDenver - Denver, Colorado
  4. Introduction to Ethereum and Solidity Development, Bitcoin & Blockchain meetup - Thessaloniki, Greece
  5. Scaling with Plasma, Bitcoin & Blockchain meetup - Thessaloniki, Greece
  6. Plasma 101, Neutrino Blockchain Meetup - Tokyo, Japan (remote presentation)
  7. The Smartest Contract Episode 9: Plasma
  8. The Bitcoin Podcast - Hashing it Out Episode 33, Plasma Cash
  9. Into the Ether: Scaling Ethereum with Plasma
  10. RSA Accumulators for UTXO History Compaction, Zero Knowledge Study Club
  11. Plasma Implementers’ Calls