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I am an independent consultant focused on the topics of cryptography, distributed systems and mechanism design. My expertise lies in Layer 2 scalability solutions for permissionless blockchains (payment/state channels, sidechains).

To the best of my knowledge, I built the first working implementation of Plasma Cash, which was presented in Ethereum Foundation’s Devcon4. I have written code (multisig escrow smart contracts) which have held over $8,000,000 of value at the time. I built a significant portion of Loom Network’s Delegated Proof of Stake implementation. I have audited multiple codebases with applications such as tokens, voting, crowdsales, payment channels and more.

I feel very proud to have presented my work in big institutions such as Stanford and MIT. I try to keep myself informed as best as possible in cutting edge applied cryptography subjects such as zero knowledge proofs and threshold signatures, as well as Proof of Stake mechanisms and novel consensus algorithms.

About my past

Until summer of 2016 I was spending a lot of my time playing World of Warcraft (~1.8k Sub Rogue), League of Legends (Diamond 2 Jungle main) and Dota 2 (~4.8k MMR Invoker main). That changed when I got my hands on the excellent book Hacking the Art of Exploitation which introduced me to the world of information security. Soon after, I started an information security studying group in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

I learned about Bitcoin in the second meetup, when a member of the audience suggested that to be the next topic of the presentations. I immediately bought Andreas’ Mastering Bitcoin and since then I got hooked. Were it not for that, I would probably have gone the penetration testing path. I am still considering setting some time aside to get an OSCP one day.

I graduated in 2018 with a MEng. degree on Electrical & Computer Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. My thesis, “Decentralized Metering and Billing of Energy on Ethereum with respect to Scalability and Security” was prepared in collaboration with Honda R&D Germany.

I also like playing the blues occasionally, and kick boxing (mens sana in corpore sano, or as the Greeks would say νους υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί)

About me and you

I aspire to solve interesting and technically challenging problems.

If my background fits your needs, let’s talk about it. I prefer remote contracting work with clearly scoped deliverables and requirements.

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